Harvest for garlic is May end each year.

New season starts in May each year.

May – August (Air-store) / September – April (C.A Store).

There are two main types of garlic:

  • Pure White: Snow white, has no color disfiguration on the outside.
  • Normal White: Off white, has some red / purple tinge and markings.

Farmers hand harvest all their garlic and it is transported to the garlic market. It is here that quality garlic will be brought for export processing.

Garlic is received unshelled – in its “rough form” from the grower. The pack-houses will grade, size, shell, weigh, stem cut, and pack the garlic.

Garlic is graded by skin color and defects. Class one is perfect and has no splits (separating of skin, between the cloves). Splits are Class 2 grade.

Garlic is available for 12 months of the year and is packed under our FRUITA™, FFC™ and MONTEZ™ Brands.