New season starts in November.

Ginger can be processed in 3 ways for export:

  • Wet Ginger Wet – put straight into carton
  • Semi Dry Dried for 2 hours in the sun
  • Dry Ginger Dried for 8 hours in the sun Or / 36 hours by heater in the winter

Packaging: Plastic carton or cardboard carton and liner.

There are predominantly 2 types of ginger varieties – Weifang and Laiwu.

The famous “Weifang” thick ginger can be found in the country town of Weifang. Its thinner sister variety “Laiwu” can be found in the country town of Laiwu.

This tubular root vegetable is harvested in November from the ground. It is an active root and still sprouting. Fresh ginger weighs around 350g’s at harvest and boasts 15 fingers. During harvest these fingers break down to as little as 8.

Growers store the ginger for 2 months – for the active sprout to disappear on the harvested ginger. Once this occurs ginger is washed and either sold to pack-houses and / or stored in underground tunnels.

Once procured it is washed 3 times in the pack-house, processed and packed into cartons. It is cooled at 12-13 0C before loading – to eliminate germination.